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  • I would comments on my site

    I would love opinions (good or bad) about what others think of my site.
    Any comments are greatly appreciated.
    My site is

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    I like it! A little bit of standardization on image backgrounds. Titles need to be title cased, About US is a bit long, but a wonderful story. Hire someone on Fiverr to re-write, flavor and condense it, Or a couple and pick the best one.

    You seem to have a good eye for curating a collection.

    Chloes Treasure second hand store online is a
    Chloes Treasure, a hand curated online vintage store is a

    As a shopper, I'd fall into your arms if you offered me a 1 year money back guarantee.

    If you can scale this and maintain your good eye, you could become the next Red Dress The Red Dress Boutique


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      Thank you I think

      Thank you googles,for taking the time to look at my site, However i am a little
      confused, It seemed like you like it at first but then, I supposed you wouldn't shop with me because you said (As a shopper, I'd fall into your arms if you offered me a 1 year money back guarantee.)
      I understand what you meant about the about us page,
      Titles: did you mean in the url or on page because I didn't seeit.
      did you think my images were to standard or I need more standard images

      I am new at the forums, please forgive me, I will get used to it.


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        As an example:

        The title of your items

        Vintage Crystal pumpkin dish
        Should be
        Vintage Crystal Pumpkin Dish

        You have to set yourself apart from the half million "used stores" and eBay. A 1 year guarantee could do that.

        You need to standardize the way you take images, I see a lot of different backgrounds. You should cut that down to two. Black and white, mostly white.

        I would move search to the right.

        I would move my mailing list to the top upper right. It's more important than the blog. You would like a sale first and the second thing you would like from a visitor is their email.

        I hope that helps.

        Goggles One "O", Two "GG"'s :-)


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          Thank You

          Thank you, I understand now and I agree with you, these are changes I will fix asap.
          I also have a brick and mortar store, so this can be a bit overwhelming at times.

          Thanks for you help