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  • Frustrated with Template Functionality

    I've been fighting to get my website up and going for the better part of a year now after switching to 3dcart because of the features offered. But I keep getting pulled back by the lack of basic template functionality.

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    Right now my big frustration is the product pages. Availability text seems to update on some folks computers and not work on others with no discernible pattern. And I can only use 2 or more options on a product if I disable all back ordering, since non-existent combinations start being made available to customers. Which means I have entire product lines that I can't list because they're special order only.

    All of this to say... I'm so fed up. I pay for a service like this precisely because I don't want to have to spend so much time dealing with design. I don't want a highly customized layout or anything like that. I just want an ecommerce website written in up to date coding practices. It took me 8 months to get a website that was convenient to shop on a mobile phone.

    But instead I've spent countless hours and too much $$ talking to coders to get a functioning website, which is what I thought I'd been paying for all along.

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    I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear but, to be frank, just because the platform doesn't meet your specific needs doesn't mean the platform is to blame. It should not have taken you the better part of a year to realize that the native product option functionality was not 100% what you need. A free 15-day trial would have revealed that on day 1.

    That said, designers and coders aren't going to be able fix your product option situation. The best they will be able to do is possibly hide certain options from displaying by using some javascript. You can't change core functionality with aesthetic code.

    3DCart does have an add-on that changes the core functionality of the product option setup. Take a look here:

    Option Rules | 3dcart App Store

    Yes, it involves spending more money and yes, that money goes to the company that makes the software that you are complaining about right now. But please don't let that stop you from exploring this option.

    I don't have this installed on my store or any of my clients' stores, so unfortunately I can't run through a Q&A with you to determine if it will work for you.

    As for the issue with the availability text - can you provide more information? What are the different availability statuses that can be shown on your store?
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      Thanks for responding, I feel I should clarify. My problem isn't with the platform, it's with the lack of quality control. Our original template worked well and we loved 3dcart, but when we tried to update our look the problems started.

      For example:
      I had to switch templates because we couldn't get Paypal to work. The same payment settings would work with other templates, but not the one we chose (and it wasn't in beta).
      Gift wrapping options in another template would show up in a completely nonsensical place in a then current IE version (again not a beta template).
      As a non-template example, I'm currently on day 5 of operating without my work email address due to extreme slowness in the server connection. I'm literally telling vendors to send things to my personal email because I'm having problems keeping order deadlines with the email delays.
      Stuff happens, but I shouldn't be in a constant state of operating "around" what isn't working quite right or at all.

      I have text in the In stock, Out of Stock and Backorder fields just to cover my bases. These fields display properly for some customers and are stuck on "In Stock" for others. There is no consistency regarding operating system, browser, network or security settings for the errors. This one is completely flummoxing us and just may be the last straw for us as far as bugs.

      Again, there's a lot to like about the 3dcart platform. Whoever the "ideas" people are, they've got my full support. I'm just tired of being their code tester when I signed up to be a customer.


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        Which html5 theme are you using?


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          I "upgraded" myself about a month ago (template v40012-html5), for the simple reason that some customers had issues with the checkout page when using a tablet or phone. Been pulling my hair out since.

          Really basic issues, like the product listing on a category page have been a nightmare. I spent a lot of time trying to center the info inside each individual product block shown. Why didn't the template come with those items centered? Did the designers thing it would be really cool and different to have the information all floated to the left?

          I'd have been more than happy to pay for a template a month ago when I started the upgrade. I would, however, expect the template to arrive in decent shape where the only customizations required would be my own personal touches. Sadly, it appears even paying for a supposedly better template would leave me in the same boat.

          I miss html tables.


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            Platform is to blame. I bought a html5 template and it stinks out of the box. I even paid an extra $500 for basic customization but still have to make many changes to get it to function right. text visibility issues, tabs, item listings templates, category templates, checkout page layout not what the experts say is optimal. They don't give instructions on where to change CSS forcing the process to be trial and error. Alternatively you can pay 3DCart coders thousands and maybe it will solve the issues. Maybe it won't. Right now I am trying to figure out how to allow for entering quantity on the category template because the buy now button it comes with (only option) adds one to the shopping cart. It is beyond my ability. But 3DCart will be happy to make that change for $600 and take a week. And of course they won't post the modification anywhere for others to utilize, that would take money out of their pocket. :(