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Store Launched, but Need Some Assistance!

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  • Store Launched, but Need Some Assistance!

    It has taken nearly 3 months to get the bugs worked out with my html5 site. I have launched it today, but there are still several items I'm waiting for support to address. I thought I would ask you guys if you have the solution to one of the problems.

    The site can be located at Nectar of Life Organic Coffee. One of the things I truly dislike are the categories in mobile view. If you click on the category "Coffee" in mobile view you will see that the subcategories are broken down into 4 drop down boxes. How can I have all the subcategories in ONE drop down?

    What do you guys think of the overall look and feel? Any suggestions are welcome!

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    That is strange about the mobile subcategories..

    I find that I'm distracted by the background.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      @DeanP Thanks for the feedback!


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        Update: Support has fixed the subcategories drop down issue. Thanks!