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Google forcing switch to reponsive

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  • Google forcing switch to reponsive

    Google just sent me what I have been dreading from webmaster central. I already knew about this but was hoping I had more time.....

    "Google systems have tested 1,830 pages from your site and found that 100% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these 1,830 pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users."

    I can't use the Mobile commerce function because my category menu is too large and it just pushes everything way down the screen.

    Ive been looking at the responsive templates 3dcart offers and only a couple of them have the left side menu I need. When I try and preview them, they are all messed up (I mean really messed up). I will have to not only change colors etc. to feminize the template, but I would like to be able to edit and test it before it goes live because nothing is where it should be in the previews.

    I am thinking the only way to do this would be to open a second account, purchase and edit the template there and then move it over to my live site once it is ready. Is something that 3dcart will allow me to do? Is there another way to sandbox a site while you work on it? Im so frustrated right now.

    Thank you,

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    You're right about doing a second account to sandbox it. I believe the cheapest plan they offer is $15/month.


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      I believe there is a $9.95 Micro plan but you have to talk to sales about it.


      • #4
        Nano plan I think they call it?


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          Thanks all. I've been fiddling with one of the free templates and talked to 3dcart about paying for them to customize the menu on one of the premium templates. I'll have to ask them if there would be any issues with transferring it over to my live store from the sandbox one.

          3dcart really needs to come up with a few large catalog templates with a left side menu that is geared towards females.

          Wish me luck!


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            Nano, I tried doing a template change on the live site and it's impossible. As far as I know you just FTP the template over from the nano site and it's in then activate it
            Last edited by mondo; 01-20-2015, 05:12 PM.


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              I haven't logged on in such a long time but your post was very timely. Were in a similar position. Time to get responsive, trying to figure our how to keep the site active but tinker with the new one.

              In case anyone from 3dcart is reading, I completely agree, femanine with a large category (we deal with weddings).

              A 'test site' that we can use to set up our new one.

              Demo sites for all the templates not just tiny screenshots.

              More templates.

              I think the current responsive offerings are very very basic (and boring), difficult to navigate and to much white space, out of alignment, it looks amateur, sorry but its the truth. Were looking at the premium templates, but I can't figure out what makes them premium, again they are basic, why dont the premium themes have flight sub-menses???? I hate having to scroll down a single product at a time, disaster if you have thousands of products. I have another site using a different cart and its great, the template had sliders so you can decide how many products per row for a desktop, iPad, large mobile, small mobile, really user friendly and quick to navigate.

              I was holding out in the hope the responsive offering would improve but I fear this is it.

              I reckon I'm going to have to set up and pay for a new account, but one big enough to import all my products, tweak fast and then switch as soon as were good to go.



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                Since google is sending that notice out to tons of people, I am sure we are not alone in our need to emergency swap. More folks will end up looking here for help. I'm not a coder but I can figure out some things based on trial and error. I dislike having to open a second account just to work on a template. I agree that the premium responsive templates are on the same level as the basic free ones offered by other carts.

                I'm really thankful for this forum and the other helpful members.



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                  Moo2013: There is no reason that you would have to have an account big enough to import all of your products. You don't need all of your products to work with a design. Call and get a Nano account @ 9.99/month

                  I understand both of your concerns and the lack of offerings which will be remedied as time goes on.

                  In regards to opening another account at about $10/month for building.. It's the best practice as to your issue at hand. Build new on an outside account without causing issues to your live store with live modification. It is pretty handy to have regardless.
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                    I got set up with the Nano plan today. Waiting for them to install the premium template and then I'll get to editing. <crosses fingers>



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                      So the premium template was installed this morning and now the nano-site won't load at all. I can't even get into admin. Its full on broken. =(


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                        1. Did you contact support yet?
                        2. Clear your browser cache
                        3. Verify the correct admin link path
                        4. Did you set your nano store to "close store" without adding your own ip?

                        Just ideas
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                          I contacted them right away. They "restarted" some things and its showing up now. Been plugging away at it.