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  • Blog Sidebar Increase Size

    Hi everyone

    I wonder if someone knows how to increase the size of the blog sidebar in the standard view? I currently have paid advertising there and the video is 250px x 250px. They have requested an increase to 400px x 400px. I am hoping to see if it is feasible before going back to them.

    I appreciate your help as usual
    Fabric Garden

  • #2
    The answer from help desk was the following:

    I have attached a file with code that you can add to your blog.html template file that will adjust the width of the main and side columns. The values are set to make the side column a size that will accommodate a 400px wide html element, but you can adjust them if needed. There are 3 percent values in the code that set the width of the main column, the side column, and the space in between them. Make sure the sum of these 3 values is less than or equal to 100%, or the columns won't fit together in the space available.

    #blog .blogPost {
    float: left;
    width: 56%;
    #blog .blogNav {
    float: right;
    width: 41%;
    margin-left: 3%;

    Hope this helps someone else!
    Fabric Garden