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  • Pricing display on product page Question

    Hey guys,

    I'm curious if we HAVE to place a retail price, or if its just me? I have some products that I sell at retail price because they are very high end special order items with extremely strict MAP policies. In those instances, if I have "retail" and "your price" both filled in it displays the same price twice on my website ... just plane confusing to the customer.

    I'd imagine that it SHOULD work that if retail and your price are the same only one shows? I dont know how I can custom do that however without having a ticket opened for it. I have a custom template, so I'm concerned that perhaps it is supposed to work how I mentioned above but we've done something wrong perhaps in the process.

    If not, any suggestions? I hate having it say Retail: 244.00 - Your Price: 244.00 as it will drive customers away making them feel like they are being ripped off. No one wants to see you selling for retail, best to just show one price.

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions in advance

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    Hmm, mine already does this. I don't remember having to do anything special to get it to happen, although my template is heavily customized. Here is my pricing block code, which obviously you can't just drop in to your but maybe you'll be able to see something:

    <!--START: pricing-->
    <!--START: price2-->
    <span class="reg-labels">Retail Price:</span>[price2]<br>
    <!--START: SAVINGS-->
    <span class="reg-labels">Savings:</span>[savings] ([savings_percentage]%)<br>
    <!--END: SAVINGS-->
    <!--END: price2-->
    <span class="reg-labels" id="price-label">Your Price:</span>
    <div class="price" itemprop="price">[price]</div>
    <!--END: ITEMPRICE-->
    <span style="text-decoration:line-through" class="price">[price]</span><br>
    <span class="reg-labels" id="price-label">On Sale:</span>
    <span class="price" style="float:left" itemprop="price">[saleprice]</span>
    <img src="assets/templates/common/images/productpage_onsale.png" alt="On Sale">
    <!--END: SALEPRICE-->
    <!--END: pricing-->


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      I only put one price in the "price" box and leave "retail price" blank, and it works fine. If that doesn't work for you, then I would think there is a problem with the template.


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        Appreciate the replies guys, I'm not big on code so I'll have my designer look at that for me.

        For the retail price, its in my administration system that I cannot, not enter a price. If I place nothing in retail it defaults to zero and displays it as such on the front end which makes it look ridiculous.

        retail: 0.00

        Your price: 244.99



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          Ah, in that case, I'd submit a ticket--that just ain't right! :)


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            Great to know thanks man!