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Help! Opened a can of worms with template change!

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  • Help! Opened a can of worms with template change!

    I changed the template of my store today, previewed it completely before making the changes and it looked great. However I now have 2 big issues:

    Problem 1: All of a sudden I have a home page that is populated with 77 featured products! Not sure what I've done, I have home page specials unchecked, and I've unchecked the home special box for every single product, so I don't know how or why these items are populating my home page.

    Problem 2:
    I have some custom listing pages that I created and used with my old template. I copied them over to the new template file and attached the new stylesheet to them via Dreamweaver. They look fine in dreamweaver, but on my site they are defaulting to the common listings. Not sure why that is either?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: Disregard, it must have been a cache issue because it seems to be working fine now.
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    i dont see any featured products on the homepage..


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      Sorry! Again, it must have been a cache issue, even though I cleared the cache several times. See, sometimes all you have to do is write the problem here and it gets mysteriously solved--just the internet gods way of having fun with us, I think! :)


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        Be sure to always back up your template before you make changes. Not only can you restore to the previous version, but you can compare versions for changes you may have made erroneously.
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting