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H1 Tags, this response is crazy

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  • H1 Tags, this response is crazy

    I asked support about the missing H1 tags that Go Daddy said we were missing. We bought a $99 premium template from 3Dcart and if we were to do it over again, WOULD NOT BUY IT. This has been a mess from day one of the install. The latest response has really irritated me.


    I confirmed with a developer that some H1 tags were added by default, to the common templates. However, when custom templates are being used the tags would need to be manually added to the templates. I checked the templates and the templates for both category and product pages are custom.
    If you review the category_0.html and listing_0.html files in the templates/common folder you will be able to view the H1 tags that were added in version 4.10.
    We would be more than happy to add the H1 tags to the custom template for you, there is a $60 charge. Let me know if you would like me to submit the request.

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    I can see both sides of it. On the one hand they can't be expected to keep updating custom templates with new code that is put in the common/default templates. On the other hand H1 tags are important and adding them is about a 5 minute job, and it would be nice if support were just nice enough to do it for you without making you complain or shell out $60.00.

    Open up both copies of listing_0.html (the one in your template folder, and the one in the common folder) in a text editor (Notepad++) and compare the files. Look for the H1 tags in the common version and try to put them in a similar place in your version. Hope it works. This is where a small amount of HTML knowledge comes in handy.

    Alternatively I could do it for you, and I'd only charge $40. :)


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      Seems to me that if you pay $99 it should have the same features as the free ones if not more. This is their premium template, bought from them.

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        Originally posted by Pack Secure View Post
        Seems to me that if you pay $99 it should have the same features as the free ones if not more. This is their premium template, bought from them.
        I understand your frustration, but I think there is a misunderstanding in regards to the "Custom Templates" part mentioned by tech support.

        The premium template or even a custom design would only affect your frame.html file, and wouldn't affect in any way the H1 tags that the system has in place for Categories, Products, Content Pages and Blog Posts. There is nothing about the premium template that would affect that.

        The issue with having "custom templates" is simply about the fact that you're not currently using the versions of listing_0.html and category_0.html in your web/assets/templates/common folder; but a custom version of these 2 templates that you modified and are now stored in your own template folder.

        cbstevens is right, is a simply change. From the template editor in the admin, open the ones in the common folder, look for the [name] tag and copy the entire block including the H1 tags, then paste that on the listing_0.html saved in your own folder.



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          I am using listing_0.html and category_1.html

          Many of the problems I have had with this premium template have started since day one. Tech support did not go into any details until the 4th email they sent me. The previous ones just said since we have a premium template that we have to pay $60.00.

          Honestly this premium template has been a horrendous experience. Even something as simple as changing font sizes had to be done by tech support, because it does not work properly.

          If you check out tickets with the numerous problems we have had you would understand our frustrations.

          If you have further comments to add in regards to my existing problem, please respond via our ticket, so that we will know you have responded.

          I have made the change already, but that still does not change the dissatisfaction that we have had with the money we spent on this broken template.

          Please email me if you would like to go into this into further depth.

          [email protected]

          Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists