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Newsletter Design 3Dcart Improvements Suggestions?

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  • Newsletter Design 3Dcart Improvements Suggestions?

    I am looking for suggestions on improving the newsletter I am using through 3Dcart. There only 5 to chose in the 3Dcart designs and they have become stale. I contacted 3Dcart support and they don't have other options. I would need to use html in 3Dcart. I can do a little but I am not an expert.

    If anyone has suggestions on creating a better newsletter that can be used on 3Dcart that would be helpful. I don't have budget to have it purchased or done for me. I would need to do it myself.

    I would be interested on how others have improved the newsletter for use on 3Dcart.


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    Here is a decent starting point, templates provided by MailChimp:

    HTML Email Templates | MailChimp

    They will, however, require some modification. So you need to be somewhat comfortable with HTML.


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      here is a vid to get you started, its 3 parts.
      How to Create a HTML Email Template (1 of 3) - YouTube

      A how-to article:
      How to Code HTML Email Newsletters Article - SitePoint

      An endless resource :)
      - Peace