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  • Checkout Step 3

    If I change ANYTHING on the template in Checkout Step 3 ( and I mean just using the original and deleting a peroid), The credit card entry does not work.

    Anyone know what gives? I can't stand the original template but putting in a new design disables the ordering process.
    Please advise:confused:

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    Most likely you are breaking on of the FORM tags, so the form either doesnt open, or does not close, rendering the checkout button useless...
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
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      Are you using Firefox?

      I've noticed some very odd behavior with FF Portable and have resigned myself to loading IE for editing.

      Not sure if it affects regular FF or not.

      I run FF Portable from a flash drive because I bounce way too much from one computer to another and I can securely save my passwords that way.