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    How do I add something (text and pictures) to my site that will be static and viewable from every page on my site.

    I want to add something right below by navigation bar that includes some information about shipping and my social networking links that customers will be able to see regardless of what page they are on in my store.


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    Go to:
    Titles and Content...

    Under Main Pages choose Home Page and click edit. From there you can edit the header that will appear under your Nav bar. This will only show on your home page though.

    To get something to appear on every page you can do to
    Header and Footer...
    You can then edit the Global Header field and this will appear on every page but above your nav bar. Make sure you hit the "enabled" button.

    One note of caution, if you have uploaded a logo you may have to insert it again here to have it show up.


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      The other thing you can do is edit your frame.html portion of your template. This is not done through the Admin panel, though.
      Joanne Barker
      VS Web Design
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        Thanks. I have messed around before with the global header and it is very difficult, at least for me. When I try to insert something and see how it looks, everything else (like the search button) gets weird as far as margins go and everything. I just don't find it user friendly. I wish when doing the global header I could see (before I insert) where the already inserted items are (like shopping cart, search button, etc.). Does that makes sense?