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Store language change not working?

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  • Store language change not working?

    Wondering if I'm missing something basic? New to 3d and still trying to figure out how it works.

    My store is mid-migration from Volusion. Listing pages were originally set up as style 3 (not sure if that's a default?), but I'm changing them over to style 2 as I clean up code in the product descriptions. Products in multiple categories...if that makes a difference.

    I made a change to the store language...from id to Product Code:

    Worked just fine for style 3, but on style 2 I'm getting Item Id:

    Is this hard coded into the .html template for style 2? How/where the heck do I change this?


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    Good catch. In most of the template files the item ID is filled by the variable [product_id] which uses what you have in the store language section.

    For style 2, which is controlled by the template file listing_1.html, it uses a hardcoded text of "Item Id:"

    To fix it yourself you need to copy listing_1.html into a file in your template's directory and replace Item Id: with [product_id]. I think there is a way to edit this within the store design settings on the admin interface, but I always use FTP and a text editor.

    I'm going to send this in as a bug report, too.