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creating nested lists of your categories

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  • creating nested lists of your categories

    apparently isn't possible UGH i thought i had it
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    ok this is a MUST for 3.0!!

    i spent now 5 hours to get this working and no breakthrough. nested lists is like....web design 101. i can't believe its not possible to do. almost EVERY navigation structure today is built using nested lists.

    see this site for just a couple examples

    it was one thing to find that sub-menus only go one level, but no support for nested lists whatsoever??! Not cool!

    Just for clarity, i'm trying to achieve something this rudimentary:
    • category1
    • category2
      • sub category1
      • sub category2
      • sub category3
    • category3
    • category4
    • category5

    of course i realize i could build these by hand, but that isn't a very practical solution...and that is the whole point of using a dynamic website! supporting this should be very easy...just a minor tweak i'm sure.

    here is what i envision
    	<!--START: CATEGORIES-->    
    		<li> <a href="view_category.asp?cat=CATID">CATEGORY</a>
                	<li> <a href="view_category.asp?cat=CATID">CATEGORY</a></li>
        		<!--END: SUB_CATEGORY_FORMAT--> 
    	<!--END: CATEGORY_FORMAT-->              
    	<!--END: CATEGORIES-->
    It appears the problem is that the engine reads the entire block within the "CATEGORY_FORMAT" block and renders all of it to html. it doesn't care if some of the code belongs to the "SUB_CATEGORY FORMAT". All that would need to be done is make the "CATEGORY_FORMAT" first check the block if it contains "SUB_CATEGORY_FORMAT" block. if so, then it renders subcats first so that the result is a perfect, nested list.