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Modifying left and right sidebars.

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  • Modifying left and right sidebars.

    I am trying to control the way the background appears on the left and right sidebars of my site. The site is: I have looked through html pages, css pages and I can not seem to find where I can't change this. I would like for the background to stop at the bottom of the last box on each side. Also, I would like to be able to add another box on the left hand site to move my recent searches from the listing page to the frame page. Ideas on either or all of the above listed?? Thanks.

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    The gray background color is applied to the "frame" class. That's why it extends the length of the sides.

    Looking at the Design Docs, I'm not sure if you can call the browsing history in the frame, but it's worth trying. Try adding the following to your frame:
    HTML Code:
    <!--START: browsing_history--> 
    <!--START: browsing_history_enable--> 
    <!--END: browsing_history_enable--> 
    <!--START: browsing_history_items--> 
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      I tried that, and it messes up my layout over all. I think the system has it set to list those items out horizontally with thumbnails and I am going to need them in another format, possibly just a simple text list. I am not sure I can make those kinds of changes with just my admin access. I am thinking I am going to have to ask for that to be done for me.. which I despise... LOL Thanks for the idea though.


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        Settings >> General >> Store Stettings :: "Number of Recently View Items to Display"

        Try changing it to 1. Then there won't be a horizontal row of items... though you will only be able to show THE most recently viewed item.
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          My store, works the way you appear to be describing it. Go check and see if it looks the way you want. If it does, I'm using standard templates v40002, so you can look at the frame code for that theme and see what's different between yours and that one.