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Sales Dropped Drastically Once We Switched to Responsive

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  • Sales Dropped Drastically Once We Switched to Responsive

    Good afternoon,

    We recently switched our site to responsive and we've been suffering since. We'd love any feedback about our site on mobile, tablet and desktop if you have the time. We're short on resources as far as devices go, so we weren't able to test on every OS. We're most concerned about checkout, but any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    I bought quite a few counting scales for my business from you in the past. You have great products and fast shipping. I just completed a small purchase from you on May 2nd for some weighing cups and everything worked great. It was on my desktop though so not much help to your post. However, you can shrink down your computer browser to see how your site actually works on a phone and it seems good to me.

    I know about you from being a previous customer from years ago. My first purchase from you was in 2007 (order #551941) when I figured out I could weigh my beads instead of counting each one manually. It really made a huge difference in how fast we could process our orders. Thank you!

    However, if I search for "counting scales" today on google I don't see you on the first page of ads or on the picture ads. I know myself it gets expensive to be on there but when I am not my sales drop like a rock.


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      I just looked at your site with my iPhone. Other than an Accessories category and a Clearance category, I can't get to any of your scales by merely browsing. It says a category for the scales in red (as shown in the picture attached) but that red text isn't clickable to go anywhere.
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        I believe the switch to responsive design was a coincidence with the drop in sales. It would have been worse if you hadn't become a responsive site by 4/21. At the end of March and a few days ago, Google made some (big) algorithm changes again. The last one, from my reading today, had to do with "quality". No one knows at this point exactly what that means, but it appears it may have to do with AdWords - keywords/landing pages/relevance. I took a quick look at your online description and keywords, and did not see any issues there. There seems to be a consensus that sites should review their About Us and Contact pages to make sure those pages are about those topics/adding to them. I hope you can figure it out. Google can be hard to please, especially when it gives no clues as to what it is looking for.


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          I knew I'd get some great feedback on here. Thank you all for your time and help! We haven't seen a drop in traffic, just conversions. My reasoning for thinking it's the responsive switch is that I coded our whole site from scratch, so I could have screwed something up that I just can't see. We're trying to find issues with Analytics, but nothing is screaming at us.

          Rod Thanks for being a customer! I can't imagine the work that went into counting beads by hand. I'm glad we had a good solution for you. Thank you for your feedback. Even though you were on desktop it's still a huge help.

          piaf That menu is meant to scroll. I am working right now on adding an arrow indicating there are more links below that you can scroll to. This is very valuable input, thank you!


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            Ahhh, now that you've told me about the scrolling, I see how it works. The arrow is not intuitive at all. Ditch the arrow and just say "Scroll down for more" or something like that in red text instead of what you have now. Also, I'd put your two most important categories at the top so they show first, not the Accessories or Clearance items.


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              This is a nice site to see some screen shots on different OS.

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                Originally posted by piaf View Post
                Ahhh, now that you've told me about the scrolling, I see how it works. The arrow is not intuitive at all. Ditch the arrow and just say "Scroll down for more" or something like that in red text instead of what you have now. Also, I'd put your two most important categories at the top so they show first, not the Accessories or Clearance items.

                I recently added arrows that I think will suffice as a temporary fix until I can redesign the entire top of page. It's just too cluttered. Thank you everyone for your time and help!


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                  We have lost 70% of our sales and about 50% of our traffic since the end of april This is the worst its ever been since day 1


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                    Check out this website. . Google has been doing changes that is affecting everyone. This is really getting deep and too complicated to understand at times. but doing what we can to keep ahead of googles new changes. Hope this helpes

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                      Choice Checks This is great. Thank you!

                      @ForcedFab, I'm so sorry your sales aren't doing well. I'm certainly no expert and I don't have experience in much other than writing code, but, if you want, I could take a look at your site. PM me the address and I could let you know if anything design wise jumps out at me.


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                        ProRetail Just had to chime in that we've been customers since we started this business - bought our first (and several more) scales from you :-) Always found your site intuitive and easy to use and still do. Like Rod said, it's always easy to see your site in responsive by changing the width of your browser window on your desktop. Your checkout couldn't be easier (in my opinion).

                        We've seen a nasty drop in traffic AND conversion like ForcedFabllc but for all of 2015 and we were 100% responsive since last Nov. (We're open to comments/suggestions too if anyone sees any glaring errors or omissions that might be causing us trouble. :-) In fact, prior to going responsive, the template we were on had KNOWN problems with completing orders for mobile devices across the board - cost us a fortune in 2014 in lost sales.


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                          Our website address for our main site is and our other site that is just up and running with no active development is We are trying to get the ForcedFabllc site to grow and are adding products and going to start working on the SEO again. We migrated from big commence in march. I have just found that most of if not all of our category descriptions are nolonger there so this may have something to do with a drop in traffic as we had been working on adding content to category pages to give them some value an its now gone. I have not had much time to really work on the site since the migration due to our physical shop work load being large for race season. How ever I am budgeting some time to now begin to work on it in preparation for our next busy season fall.


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                            JustPoppin I love your site! Thank you for your feedback and for being a customer.

                            To test my layout I use FireFox Developer Edition, so I know it looks okay (to me). I was really hoping to find some usability issues, slowness, etc... I'd even be okay with people telling me they wouldn't buy because the site is ugly, ha ha. I need an outsider's input because I'm in the know as far as finding products and going through checkout on my own site.

                            Thanks again, everyone, for taking the time to give me tips and feedback!

                            ForcedFabllc Looks like you've found a good starting point. I can't be certain, but I feel like our traffic went down for a little bit when we switched from NetSol to 3dcart. I wish I had more to offer. I wish you the best of luck!