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Calling a Manufacturer name without using an [extra_field_n]...

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  • Calling a Manufacturer name without using an [extra_field_n]...

    I wanted to call the manufacturer/brand on a product listing dynamically, but using the [manufacturer] variable only produces a number. I assume it's a number assigned to the manufacturers in the order that I input them into the 3dcart system. I know I can use an [extra_field_n] to get the job done and even write a macro that does most of the work for me so I'm not inputting the manufacturer for each product by hand, BUT I'm hoping there's a better way.

    When products are exported (via .csv for example), the [manufacturer] shows up as the name, not a number. So I'm wondering if there's any practical reason that it doesn't also do this on product pages. Would anyone have any objections to me requesting that 3dcart change the way the variable presents on the front-end?
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    I am also dying to have this on my product pages. I would love to have it listed at Brand: with the name being a link to the manufacturers URL so it will pull up their products in one page. I wanted it right above the SKU/part number.


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      Have you tried using [manufacturer_name]? It won't produce a link, but it will show the manufacturer name.
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        vswebdesign Ah, yes. It was in the design docs, I just skimmed over it. Thank you.

        ForcedFabllc Here's what I'm using to do what you're wanting to do:

        HTML Code:
        <div class="product-id"><a href="browse_bymfg_[manufacturer]-7-1.html"><span itemprop="brand">[manufacturer_name]</span></a> [product_id]:<span id="product_id" itemprop="mpn">[mfgid]</span></div>
        Editing the "Store Language" I have [product_id] generating "Part Number" so it reads (for example):
        Panasonic Part Number: AG-AC90

        What I really wanted was to call the manufacturer name for the 'brand' microdata. In the code above you'll notice that I'm pointing to microdata for the brand and the manufacturer's part number.
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          I want mine to be laid out like

          Brand: Panasonic
          Part Number: AG-AC90


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            It really works! (not that I had much doubt)

            Now if only I could put the manufacturer name on the categories page as easily. :(