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I need some design help please.

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  • I need some design help please.

    I have a header image on one of the free responsive templates that is only going partially the way across the top of the screen. Can anyone help me on getting this image to work correctly on the responsive template? I also need some other assistance on a couple of things that I am struggling with getting done on the design and colors.

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    You have a few issues....

    div id="logo" is set to be 50% width... set this to be 100%

    Then the actual image "#logo img" in your CSS file default_modified has a "max-height:100px;", just delete this line.

    This will fix the issue in in desktop view. You will also need to adjust the responsive CSS for when the window shrinks.

    Also you will need to move your search box, as the logo image has the credit card images where the search box is.

    Note: A better way to handle this is to have the header image just the background image. Then place all the content (credit card images, phone number, etc.) as individual text elements on top. This will give you much greater flexibility as the screen size shrinks down.
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      Sent you a Private message NMTEACO. :)


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        Hi there.. I just want to put out there that if you need help with this, or any other design challenge, that Shaun at TheCartDesigner is a great way to go. He is usually quite active on the forum, gives away a lot of free advice, and has helped me tremendously. His site is, his email is and if you want to see the kind of work he has been helping me with, go to - we are going to be launching it by the end of next week. Shaun has made this template bend to his / my will. Best of luck! Andrew


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          May I also add that Shaun at TheCartDesigner is as responsive as the template that he installed for my site. When I draw a blank with 3Dcart support Shaun assists IMMEDIATELY to fill in some of the gaping holes in my coding knowledge. Please note that Shaun has a tip jar on his site and while he gives some good advice for free, may I respectfully suggest that if he helps you resolve an issue and you value you this help, please use your conscience and the tip jar. ;)