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Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

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  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

    Google's Page Speed Insight has rated our site as 59/100. (OUCH!) The "Should Fix" section says to: "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content." The list is gives is as follows:


    These are all part of the default template and have not been altered. Is there a way condense these? If I were to eliminate some, what is their order of importance? (For example, I'm thinking that I could do without the Magic Zoom on my images if it increases page load time.) Has anyone else dealt with this issue?
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    Same here between 58 and 61 depending on the page. On the Positive side, our user experience is 96/100

    Below are other e-commerce sites I tested. Other than Amazon we're in good company :) 72 59 55 61


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      You know, I should have checked out my competitors. You're right, 3dcart is either in the same ballpark or slightly better. Still, I wonder if I can jettison Magic Zoom or Flex Slider...
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        TMS Clint - please let us know if there is something you come up with around that. With decent sized pics on the listing, zoomed in images in the gallery, and more shopping going to mobile every day, I truly wonder if the zoom capability is even necessary any more. It seems that that is quickly becoming another relic of the past. I look forward to hearing more. Thanks, Andrew


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          3dcart-Alex 3dcart-Carlos 3dcart-Henry ... Can 3dcart please comment on this issue? I have the same complaint. Thanks


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            rcheltrvel I see you have summoned me! As an honest opinion, I am not familiar with the importance of those scripts, but the point about the remaining relevance of zoom is accurate from the trends I have seen lately. If we have planned to phase any of it or adjust those codes, I'm not part of those discussions, but if there was a ticket for this, I could have it investigated by our SEO department.


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              From what I recall, the MagicZoom is more-or-less a "magic" library which does more than just the pop-out zoom functionality... so removing it may very likely break other unexpected things (you would have to test).

              Being able to zoom is still important for many shoppers who want to see highly detailed large images (but we cannot realistically fit 1000px images on page). Many modern sites seem to be using hover-to-zoom, similar to what Amazon has.

              I do wish 3dCart would enhance their built-in cache by augmenting it with a javascript and css file aggregator/minifyer, which would reduce page load times by having fewer things for the browser to download.. however, if you use something like Cloudflare or another CDN, this problem largely goes away (at least Cloudflare does the aggregation and minification automatically, as well as advanced caching of even off-domain elements like google fonts, etc...).

              Typically images will affect page load times the most, and being an ecommerce store, we all have a lot of images on each page. A CDN would help there too.

              Here's a good article that explains it a bit more clearly:
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