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Tweak to Dynamic Part Number Change on listing page

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  • Tweak to Dynamic Part Number Change on listing page

    The display of the product ID [id] completely changes when I have a "part number" for regular options or "AO suffix" for advanced options. This confuses my staff when customers call to place orders. I'm hesitant to change this myself is because I don't want to screw up the stock availability check functionality that seems to be tied in with that code. What I'd rather happen is either of these scenarios.

    A. the part number just be added as a suffix (this is how 3dcart used to work once)
    B. if A isn't possible, the part number display not change at all.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    So, for example, when you are buying shirt that normally comes in red, the ID reads "SHIRT" and if the customer want it in yellow it shows up as "SHIRTAO" but you want it so show up as "SHIRTYELLOW"?

    If you option has an associated part number, then the ID will usually show up with it added to the current ID. In the case above, if your yellow shirt has an ID or "YELLOW" and the red shirt is just "SHIRT" then it will show up as "SHIRTYELLOW" when the option is selected.

    I ran into a problem when messing with my template as you can see here. Have you messed with the template at all?
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      What you're describing is how my site used to work before I had 3dcart redesign it a while back. I was amongst the first of the responsive html5 sites. My site isn't a template but rather a custom design. I checked your thread and my html is exactly as yours is. I think that there's an issue with the listing.js file. Mine is significantly different from the file in the common folder. I'm guessing I'll have to submit a ticket and see if I get lucky.