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  • Set Default Listing Template

    We noticed about 3 weeks ago that our variants weren't working on a whole lot of our products. Just suddenly don't work. We tracked it down to those products using Listing_1.html. Which, for some odd reason, is Style 2. We were told that we set Listing_1.html as our "default". Ok, sure. But no one can seem to tell me how to change it to Listing_0.html, which is Style 1. Style 1 will display our variants. I've modded all 7k+ products to use Style 1. But have as yet been told how to change the default. My fear is new products added may/may not get set to Style 1. If it's left to Default, we'll have more issues down the road. Okay, all that said -- anyone know how to set the default listing? I've searched all over the Admin backend and can't find anything related.


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    I believe that each category had a default template. Go into categories, select a category, then in the Product Display section, you can modify the default template used for that category. I'm not sure if there is a global default template setting, but I know this one works.


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      That got me there! Thanks.