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Making breadcrumbs relative to the category you viewed the product from

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  • Making breadcrumbs relative to the category you viewed the product from

    We sell products that can be used in a variety of ways, so they're placed in multiple categories. The problem is if you view the product while in Category F, the breadcrumb displayed on the product page is Category A, depending on whatever the category is in the product's admin page.

    Is this just a bug with 3dcart, or can we make the breadcrumb relative to where the user came from when they viewed the product page?

    Currently, Widget 1 is in Categories B, F, and M, and when I click into the product page, it will show a breadcrumb pointing to Category B, regardless of whether I was in Category B or not, when I clicked on the product. I would like to change this so, the breadcrumb points to Category F, if I was in Category F when I viewed the product.

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    We have the same situation and the same issue with category breadcrumbs. So far, the only way we've been able to control which category is listed first on the admin product page (and the first one is the one that is displayed in the breadcrumbs) is to modify the category order using a spreadsheet upload for the product.

    So the first step is to export your products to a spreadsheet. Open the spreadsheet and you'll see your categories listed out for each product in Column D. The formatting is a bit odd, so let me try to explain how it works. Let's say you have the following categories:


    SubCatA is a subcategory of CatA. SubCatC is a subcategory of CatC. Ok, so far so good.

    Now, let's say that CatC is the main category for your product, but you also want it in categories SubCatA and CatB. Here's how it needs to look on your spreadsheet in Column D for that particular product:

    [email protected]/[email protected]

    The ampersands separate each category listing that you'll have for your product. The slash defines the hierarchy of the subcategories. There are NO spaces between any of the entries. You have to make sure your spelling is EXACTLY how your categories are listed in your store, including spaces and any punctuation. MUST BE AN EXACT MATCH otherwise this won't work. Try this method with a couple of your products to make sure it's working the way you want it to. If it's not working, then download another copy of your spreadsheet to see how the data is being saved for that product. Once you have it set correctly, don't make any changes to the category listings for your products using the admin pages, always use the spreadsheet method or the ordering will be defaulted back to whatever ordering system 3dCart uses for the category listings (I suspect it's numerical, based on the internal category number in their database).


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      Yes, I entertained that idea briefly. Unfortunately, we have thousands of active SKUs, so it's not feasible for me to edit the categories in that manner.