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Need opinions on social media fly outs on new site

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  • Need opinions on social media fly outs on new site

    Need some opinions on this one - our site is being designed and will have fly outs for social media - didn't know about this and trying to determine if I like it like them as fly outs or should they be listed by the product themselves - here's our new site which is still under construction http://dev-default17-com.3dcartstore...honey_6oz.html now our current site has them like the attached picture

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    I personally hate them on a mobile device like a phone because they fly out, block wording, etc. and you can't get rid of them, I leave a site I can't read on because of fly outs. Didn't try yours on my phone to see but I'll try to and see if I get the same display. UPDATE: I didn't get the flyout on my zmax with your link. For me that's a good thing knowing how I feel about them but that might not be good for you if you want the social media flyouts.


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      Hi ebeegirl. I prefer them next to the products.



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        Usually if you use the Addthis flyouts, they will come up the bottom on mobile and are easy to close.

        There is no reason not to have both, flyouts and next to the item. Any share you get is valuable.


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          thanks for your opinions - I don't have a smart phone even though I love technology - just don't want to be tied to our business 24x7 which we already are. The flyouts on a PC were placed here - I'm thinking they should be the lower left but not sure if they are always located on the top left as I think they simply don't look good here - also all of our likes on each product are now gone with this new layout. Anyone know of anyway to get them back? I'm able to add a FB link to the top of every page as I have on our current site as we have over 15k likes etc. Don't like losing them on each product with the new design. Not sure why they weren't transferred as well when they cloned the site.