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Carousels and Slider - Good or Bad?

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  • Carousels and Slider - Good or Bad?


    I have been reading up on carousels lately, and as usual there are a lot of pros and cons depending on the writer.

    What are your thoughts?

    Is it a distraction or just a visual statement in web design?

    I think some look great if done right but I wonder if anyone actually goes through them.

    Have you experimented with a carousel and a static image and seen a pattern?

    I have linked an article below with some good points.



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    I agree with them about the arrows >. On an ipad, I get frustrated when they don't work or take forever. Frankly, if they are huge carousel images, I think the other products get overlooked.


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      Pretty much every study shows them to be terribly ineffective. I wrote an article about this more than a year ago and did a test case on my own website, replacing the carousel with a static banner that had hot spots to click that directed people to specific products. The positive results were practically instant. I had new products that had been in the rotating banner and never ordered in more than a month and when I put them in a static banner on the home page, I sold four of them the first two days.

      The fact is, the only people who are truly impressed by them are the owners of the websites. Customers don't have time to watch your little "movie" and many people find them annoying.

      Bottom Line: If it is important, don't put it in a rotating display.


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        Hi Scott McKirahan, I have been leading towards a static banner now for several weeks, as I too have been seeing the stats go this way. Would love to see your article and the results you achieved.

        How and where did you insert this into your html and css files to get your code to work.




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          Hi Richard, I would love to point you to that article but the site it is on has just had a makeover and it is missing the links to go to older articles (I have informed them of this and it is something they are in the process of fixing). I certainly don't remember the URL. In the article, I created a table with invisible borders and placed an image on the left of one product and another on the right. I made each image clickable and added the URL for the product page to each image.

          Nowadays, I wouldn't do it that way because Android phones do not know how to deal with tables. Instead, I would create a single image with one product on the left and another on the right and would create a hot-spot that was clickable for each image that would take people to the product pages. You'll need a decent image editor to do this. I use Fireworks - a program that Adobe bought from Macromedia and promptly discontinued. I'm sure GIMP (which is free) can do this but it is a far more complicated program, designed to be a free Photoshop replacement.

          Finally, I would upload the image I created to the File manager and then I would insert the HTML that your image editing program creates into the "Head" section of the home page (it's in the Content > Tiles & Content > Home Page section). You'll need to strip out all the extra code the image editor creates and only use the part that starts with <img .....> and ends with </map>.

          This may be a little over your head but, as is the case with many things "website", you'll either need to learn how to do this yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

          Of course, the easiest solution is to pick one and only one thing that you really want to highlight and to create an image banner for it. Then, you can navigate to the Content > Tiles & Content > Home Page section and insert that banner there. Then, if it is for something like a product, create a link from that image to the page you want people to go to.
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            Hi Scott McKirahan,

            I will give it a go. If it gets to too technical I will hand it over to Shaun.



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              why are you guessing - stop reading and start testing - 6/5/4/3/2/1 (images) at 2 second intervals for 72 hours and then repeat the process at 10 second intervals 6 times at 72 hour intervals reducing (or increasing) carousel image count by one each day - let the data guide you.

              Personally I think they are annoying and always have a static banner - make sure you divide the data by device


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                HI windycityparrot,

                I am migrating my store to 3Dcart and I don't know where to find all the data to do these tests.

                Where / how can I find them in the admin panel?