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  • Removing Part Number

    This is a stupid question but I am trying to find how I could remove the part number on my product page. I still want it to show up in my products in the back end but do not want my customers to see it when they click on the product. I read up a post here on the forum saying that I need to go into my listing template and remove/hide sku but I cant find the listing template nor the hide/remove sku part.... :(

    I know this is probably something super easy and I really dont want to pay 3dcart webmaster to take it off for $30


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    search for something like <!--START: id--><span id="product_id">[id]</span><!--END: id--> in your listing template (SETTINGS > Design > Themes & Styles > Edit Template > listing_0.html)


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      Originally posted by AmagArtwork View Post
      search for something like <!--START: id--><span id="product_id">[id]</span><!--END: id--> in your listing template (SETTINGS > Design > Themes & Styles > Edit Template > listing_0.html)
      Sorry - when i go into edit template, all i see is Frame.html or i can choose DEFAULT.CSS but i dont see the listing_0.html. Doesnt seem like i have that template in there at all.. I check the "Go to Folder" and i dont see anything in there either that says Listing_0.html


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        Nevermind - Found it! I was looking at the template of the theme i installed instead of looking at "Common"

        Thanks for your help!


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          Hi Helga T, Just curious, why do you want to remove the part numbers? I actually had to work at it to get them on the category and search result pages. They are very helpful to me when a customer calls, especially since the search doesn't work all that well.


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            cwnoah I came from BC and never had it before so i'm trying to make my page somewhat consistent from my old page. I also do not want people to know who my vendors are and the part number to do comparison with other companies...

            So the search doesnt work well? Even after we put in the keyword its still hard to search? Do you think its better to leave it on?


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              I understand now why you want to suppress part numbers. Have you seen customers searching elsewhere for them to be a problem? I've never really considered that aspect of it.

              I came from BC too, and the search there was awful! They changed search software and made it even worse. I have keywords turned off right now because I need to do some serious work on them.

              I just ran these tests:

              seed feeder returned 528 hits, I count 524 in my files, but that's pretty close
              In December when I last tested it returned 1674 hits. 3dcart could have changed something since then.

              "seed feeder" returned 0 hits, there should be 90

              seed AND feeder returned 528 hits, pretty close

              seed OR feeder returned 528 hits, there should be 1588

              birdbath heater returned 7 hits, correct

              "birdbath heater" returned 0 hits, there should be 1

              ALLIEDPR670 OR ALLIEDPRLD1625 returned 0 hits, there should be 2

              There is no Advanced Search.


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                Hmm... i guess it wouldnt hurt to leave the part number in there. I already put it into the MPN section for the part number but I also have it under ID/SKU so when i go through my product list I can see which one is from which vendor easily by the way i write the SKU

                Honestly, I did research by going into different site and seeing what brand they carried because of the SKU and also listing by Brand/Manufacturer. I have some products on my site that I solely went out and did a lot of research and found a vendor that nobody has so i just want to be able to keep that to myself haha :)

                I got so many products I dont think i'll ever be able to switch over from BC to 3dcart by the end of April which really sucks but with the mess in BC i'm hoping i start out clean and fix all the kinks here before i do the whole switch over.


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                  Helga T I sent you a PM.
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