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    We are currently using a custom template. When I FTP into the site, I can see the custom template folder, which only contains a few files.

    I assume that the system first looks in the custom template folder, then whatever templates it doesn't find there it looks for in the "common-html5" folder. So if I copy checkout-singlepage.html into the custom folder, this copy will be used and the one in "common-html5" will be ignored.

    Is this accurate?

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    Yes, the common template files are fallbacks as you suspect.


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      Perfect. Thanks for the reply, jleclair!

      One other question for this thread... In my common templates folder I have both a checkout-singlepage.html file and a checkout-singlepage-v2.html file. Is checkout-singlepage-v2.html something everyone has (like an update from 3dCart)? Or is this some wonky file that I need to ask my client if they created?

      Bottom line is that I need to update our checkout page template and I now need to know if I should copy/modify the "normal" template, or this "v2" one.


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        The V2 is the newest checkout page. I believe it is a big improvement over the original checkout-singlepage.html. You still have to customize it a bit, but much better.