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How do we expand the "FRAME_MENU" ?

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  • How do we expand the "FRAME_MENU" ?

    We are trying to expand the top menu and we think it has to do with the "FRAME_MENU" coding. There is a ton of open white space, we can only add a few items and they seem to jumble all on top of each other. Can anyone help us please? The site is if you view it from the desktop, you will see it. Mobile seems to be okay. Thank you so much, any help would be appreciated. Thank You Damien

    UPDATE: We have so much whitespace on the top of our page, can anyone tell us how to use the empty space to the right? The more we put in there, it just goes to the next line.

    Thank you. The reason for the update, I dont know if the 'FRAME_MENU' has anything to do with it, we are just at a lost of what to do to fix this.
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    I'm looking at this on a desktop with chrome. It looks to me that the #showSlideMenu css is at 40% width. Bumping it to 51% puts all on one line on my screen. Shrinking the height of the header (190px to 150px) helps with the whitespace.

    Also to let you know if I shrink my browser to a 'tablet' size the brown menu starts to creep and blocks some of the site.

    Edited to add: you might want to look into your js as well as it's throwing an error.
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      Thank you, Yes, I see the brown space coming in on the tablet, I just do not know how to fix it. It looks very bad. I don't know why my java script is throwing an error because I just installed this template 2-3 days ago and have not touched that. Any input would help, if not we will have to change to a different template that works better for us. We know a little bit of code, but not that much.
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        it looks like the js error is just because of https vs http.

        Out of curiosity, did you purchase the template or is it a free one? If you purchased it, you should ask the designer to fix it. If you do decide to go with a different template (and are willing to pay for it) I really like the one I have. Check out the template named sepiaton. I use it on