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Item/Sku number not showing on checkout page

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  • Item/Sku number not showing on checkout page

    Where can I turn this on? If it is not available why not? I can not believe the item number can't be seen in the cart like practically 99% of all online carts :(

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    I had to add some code to our view_cart.html - our skus were not showing as well so I added this coding - believe it was simply "- SKU [itemid]" to the line below - so look for the line that looks similar to this in your view_cart.html. You can see where I add - SKU [itemid]

    I added the "-" in front of SKU since I wanted some space - I'll attached a .jpg to show how it looks on our website on the view cart page. Added this a while ago so hope this helps.

    Here's the line you are looking for in your view_cart.html:
    <!--START: itemnamelink--><a href="product.asp?itemid=[ITEM_CATALOGID]">[ITEM_NAME] - SKU [itemid]</a><!--END: itemnamelink-->
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      I have the SKU as the first digits of the description field.


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        Use [itemid] , this will pull the SKU


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          yes you simply add [itemid] which I added to view_cart.html - you can see from my coding above I also type "- SKU" as I wanted this wording to be added along with the itemid info - you can type anything you wish along with the itemid tag if you wish or simply add " [itemid] "


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            That actually worked! I have had this issue for a while. 3dcart phone support has no idea how to do such things haha Thanks a lot!


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              you're welcome - yes I had to figure it out myself using trial and error