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[itemdescription] tag changed?

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  • [itemdescription] tag changed?

    Somewhere, somehow the behavior of the [itemdescription] tag changed around Feb 1st. In the past this tag was used for putting availability status (in stock, backorder, etc) into the website cart and checkout pages, and and into e-mails sent to the customer & merchant. Now it seems like it still works as it has for the website cart & checkout pages, however in e-mails this tag now pulls information from the "Short Description" field for each item.

    Does anyone know what the new tag is for e-mails? I've tried [availability_itemprop] but this does not seem to work outside of the item listing page.

    Here is the knowledgebase entry for this tag, which still shows that it should pull the availability status:

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    This is a crucial tag for my store and after Feb 1st is not rendering the proper information in order confirmation emails. Why was this changed without notification and most importantly what was this tag changed to? I need this tag NOW


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      Have either of you opened a ticket with support?


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        2n1skate sweet4u Thanks for pointing this out. I've notified support to test and confirm this, if you've opened any tickets for this let me know. Thanks again!


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          3dcart-William After several weeks waiting on the "live" chat, a ticket was finally opened for me. #XJZ-406-10447