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    Up till now I was a big fan of 3D and have nothing bad to say about them..well that changed this morning. We closed one of our 3D stores a few weeks ago. Come to find out this morning that the store we closed is now up and running under another company (a 3D store front) and under our domain name. We still own the domain name's not expired. I'm questioning 3D now about the security...this is a big red flag!

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    peterz I have run through this issue a few times in my 10 years or so. So here is the deal. If the domain is say (or that has nothing to do with It is a completely different created domain. Many companies will create mock domain urls that literally have nothing to do with holding the actual domain. So that shouldn't be a red flag to anything since the 3dcart created domain is only created in relation to what the customer tells them and obviously cannot be used in its real form e.g.( Remember that 3dcart is not a domain registrar so they only know what people tell them and go by what the actual registrar restricts.

    Now with that said, here is the other side of the coin... IF.. Whoever has starts selling with the, than you have legal standing.. Not against 3dcart however. Only against the person using the domain due to a name conflict especially if the name is trademarked. (good example... I use to be and since 3dcart did not want 3dcart in my business name I had to change it)

    Best case example for liability: Bob's Store is down the road and someone (Not Bob's Store) decides to make Bob's Store flyers to hand out with their own (not Bob's Store) phone #. That would not be the fault of the printer who printed them for the customer. It would be the person using the name directly.

    Finally, if the store is open and running with the (not than the issue is with the registrar allowing second usage of the domain. And you would want to contact them IMMEDIATELY in regards.

    I hope this makes sense and clears the view a bit.
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      When we fist closed the store it was redirected to 3D (store not open..or something like that) which is the correct way because DNS is pointing to 3D. Here is an update: After my post my domain now only redirects to the other site:).