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Change Cart 'X' to Remove or Delete

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  • Change Cart 'X' to Remove or Delete

    Can't find this one..

    I want my shopping cart to say the word 'Remove' or 'Delete' rather than just displaying the 'X' to remove an item from the cart.

    I thought this must be a button somewhere and the text of the button would be 'X' - but I'm not finding it.

    Any help is appreciated! :)

    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    Change X to Remove

    Hello Cekman

    We have several templates we have designed for use at

    One of them is the modified view_cart.html template which has the remove button.

    I have attached it as view_cart_remove.txt.

    You will need to upload it to your layout folder that you are using and change its name to view_cart.html

    If you already have a view_cart.html file in this folder be sure to rename it in case you wish to save it or revert back to it.

    Hope this helps or let me know and I wll try to help you with this as time allows.

    Thomas Distributing - Dennis:)
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      Thanks for the input. I went to your site and tried adding a product to see what it would look like. When I look at my cart it still has the 'X' to delete the product. Will the code you gave me remove that?

      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        Not to hijack this thread, but I have been eyeing the La Cross BC-900 charger since reading a great review about it. Thanks for posting your site. I would always prefer to buy from a 3DC vendor who is on these board than Amazon, not to mention you beat their price. Any recommendation on the best AA rechargeable batteries to go with it?


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          Remove Button and AA Batteries

          Hello cekman

          I forgot to mention that we are not currently actually using that template .

          Our current top sellers are the New Low discharge such a Maha Imedion,
          Sanyo Eneloop, Delkin 2300, and others they are all great.

          Thomas Distributing - Dennis:)


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            Remove X

            Hello again Cekman

            I missed your question about whether the x would be removed.

            Yes it will. The remove button will appear in front of the item quanity.

            Thomas Distributing - Dennis

            Thomas Distributing