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Reworking Listing Templates Question

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  • Reworking Listing Templates Question

    What I am trying to do is have myself sort of a Pre-Order page that i use an embedded Google Form for.

    Im using the sk8ter-style-html5 theme currently. I have the pages im using this " preorder" type of thing for set to Style 3 which is the one im using that I edited out the Add to cart and other various buttons you dont need anymore.

    Once I did that the Description fields went to full screen width, the Images themselves are left leaning and the title of the item in this case is on the right.

    I'd like to have everything to be centered in this Style sheet basically and the description window below doesnt need to be full screen on desktop ( looks fine on mobile but thats because its scaled im sure on mobile).

    Any ideas on this?

    heres a page im using this alternate Style on: https://mainemodelworks-com.3dcartst...rder_p_26.html

    Versus this one that uses the standard which ill use for stocked products: https://mainemodelworks-com.3dcartst...X-NS_p_59.html

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    mainemodelworks I see while removing the code, you have also removed some of the closing tags which also include the closing tag of the wrapper that was holding all of the content. I will suggest hiding the elements using CSS unless you really need to edit your HTML. Redoing on the new listing template will be easier than fixing your current one. I am going to PM you an example that I recently did. you will see I only kept product name, image, and description section and everything is centered.
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