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    What is the best add on app that your store has from 3DCart?

    Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists

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    Here are the 4 best add-ons we have purchased.
    1. Product page shipping preview - Eliminates a lot of the "How much is shipping" calls.
    2. Category filters - Really helps the customer narrow down to what they need or want. This one is huge. Get a ton of compliments on this one.
    3. FusionBot Search - Well the default 3dCart search is a bit dated. Searching through a ton of search results without a way of filtering is just a headache.
    4. Address Verification - Helped save money by reducing some address corrections by UPS. Glad I purchased the add-on prior to the new pricing, which is beyond ridiculous. Not worth $449 per year.There are cheaper long term options. I wouldn't mind paying a one time fee of $500-$800 for the app.

    I'm curious if anyone has the product page get a quote add-on? Some feedback on this would be nice.


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      The Product page shipping preview looks nice.

      This is a nice add on

      I have not used the product page get quote. Adding a ship to field to this would be a good idea. Giving a shipping quote with the product quote is ideal.

      Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists