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  • New Listing Template

    I've created 2 new listing templates and both are in the file along with the previous templates (/web/assets/templates/layout9)

    I can see them from the admin section in the template folder, but for some reason they are not in the drop down boxes for each product--I only have the original 3 options, not the 2 new ones.

    I've been through the KB and it seems like I've done it correctly, but can't figure it out. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Seems you have to save the template in both the layout AND the common folder! :)


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      by default, the template system pull all the individual files from the common folder, and the frame.html from your layout folder (ie layout9...set in settings>design>themes&style)

      if you add a file to your layout folder, it will use that instead. you should NEVER overwrite files in the common folder. so, if you want to edit listing_0.html, you simply copy the file into your layout folder and then make any changes you want to the copy.


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        Yes, RRW & Bristweb are correct. As it sounds like in your case, let's say you now have a fourth listing template file called listing_3.html (the template names are one number below the number listed in the drop-down menu), you would have to save a file with the same name, "listing_3.html" to the common folder in order for the 4th listing template to be listed in the drop-down list. Unless this has recently changed, saving it in the common folder is the only way the system knows that a fourth template is in there.

        But like Bristweb said, you shouldn't overwrite the listing templates in the common folder, only in your default folder. This is where the system looks first for templates. The only time I save anything to the common folder is to do what I mentioned above - add a 4th, 5th, 6th...etc...listing template just so that it's recognized by the system.

        On another note....for my site, I added a 4th listing template to my default folder to use as well. Since most of my products used this 4th template, looking back I wish that I had named the new template "listing_0.html" (corresponding to template #1). This way, by default this template would have already been pre-selected instead of me manually having to go into each product and select listing template #4 in the drop-down box.

        Hope that all makes sense.


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          Just a note on this, this does not apply to the ship tracking templates. The ones in your layout folder aren't used, they use the ones directly from the common folder.