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  • Core Themes

    Anyone using any of the new core themes?
    Thanks, Cam

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    I saw it on a demo - looks nice, and has some features I've been waiting for.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      Originally posted by DeanP View Post
      I saw it on a demo - looks nice, and has some features I've been waiting for.
      Care to elaborate DeanP on "features" on the themes that have been added?


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        Sure - what I've wanted most is some functionality that lets visitors see that a product has options when viewing search results or category pages.

        Presently everything has an Add to Cart button, which doesn't make sense for products with options. A photo of a red shirt over Add to Cart very clearly states "click this button to add this red shirt to your cart." But what if that product has several color options, how do we signal that?

        The best we can do is have 6 different product listings each with a different colored product portrayed in the image, or include text like "5 color options available!" in the product name and hope it doesn't get truncated. Boo! The new core templates will allow us to use Select Options in place of Add to Cart for products like these. Yay! I think it's long overdue.

        You can often see Amazon signal options like this too. Or instead, they'll just exclude an Add to Cart button entirely, thus forcing visitors to drill into the product to see what's up.

        Here's are some Core template examples:

        Something to note: these templates (above) utilize mouseovers, which is slick looking but counterintuitive on two counts:

        1) Like, I want to see what products have options at a glance... don't make me mouse over them to find out. I should just need to scroll down the page with the mouse wheel, not mouse around a 1920 pixel wide monitor like I'm playing a first person shooter game. blah.

        2) The user experience doesn't change when viewed from a mobile device. Swiping down the screen quickly doesn't reveal anything. Only when you briefly tap and hold on a product do the appropriate buttons show up, and right under your finger.

        This sort of thing irks me. Sure, it can be difficult to nail a design that's great on both desktop and mobile, and often times something works really well on one and only just so-so on the other. But this is just bad UX on both. >:( Anyway, I assume not all Core templates will be built in this way. I have high expectations on account of waiting so long for this new theme engine.
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          Wondered if any of the themes allow you to separate the Quick Cart from Quick View. I don't like Quick View because shoppers click on it and don't see the full product description, thinking this is the product page and they end up emailing or phoning in questions that are answered in the full description. but if you turn off Quick View, it also turns off Quick Cart, which I want to keep.
          Joe Arbogast


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            They look good ... are they already available ?