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Hide a product price until it is in a cart

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  • Hide a product price until it is in a cart

    Some items we will below MAP price and cannot display our price unless it is in the cart. Is there a way to hide a price and replace with something like 'Add To Cart For Our Low Price?'

    I tried the in stock message but that only puts under the Availablity area and doesnt actually replace the price.

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    Hi cdarmssupply

    Try the "Display Text" field in the advanced tab of the product.
    Its intended use is to allow MAP pricing.


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      Thank you. Any chance you know what CSS setting to change to make that font a little larger?


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        The CSS Style being used is called ".pricingBlock .yourprice" and it is found on the layout.css file from the common-html5 folder. However, be aware that this style not only controls the display text but the regular product price displays as well. (it's one style for the whole block, basically). It's a slightly involved edit to make, but if you're comfortable with editing your store's HTML, it's not too difficult.

        As an easier alternative (instead of dealing with layout.css) you can try using basic HTML in the display text field itself (inside the product's advanced tab) to make the font display a little bigger. Basic HTML in that field (like a font size tag for example) should translate to the rendered page and only affect the display text.

        Hope this helps!


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          Worked - thanks . I didnt know I could put HTML in there.