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  • Abandoned Cart Module Quirk

    Not sure if this is a "bug" or something that needs to be addressed. But I have noticed that the inventory status of an item that is placed in a cart that later becomes an order after being pushed to the customer through the Abandoned Cart module can be wrong.

    For example. A customer adds an item to a cart on Monday and it is "On Backorder" -- abandons the cart. Inventory is updated on Wednesday to now have the item in stock, customer the comes back on Friday and completes the order, but the product still says "Backorder"

    The reverse is also true -- could be in stock when he adds to cart, but now is out of stock when the order is completed -- still shows as "In Stock" even though it isn't.

    This is all transparent to the customer I think, but it is confusing when processing orders in the Admin.
    Joe Arbogast

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    This has nothing to do with the abandoned cart module (I believe) since I've seen the same behavior (was in-stock when added to cart but sold out when checking out) and I don't have the abandoned cart module turned on. For some reason 3D Cart gets the items' availability when the item is added to the cart - not during checkout.


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      Joe, this is the intended functionality - though I think it could be handled better. I see repeat customers add items to their cart throughout the week, and finally place their order each Monday. Unfortunately, much of the stock levels change can change radically during that week, so the customer ends up purchasing a number of out of stock items that are otherwise clearly marked "in stock." :\
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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        I'ts not a big problem -- but I think the whole inventory - backorder function needs work. Many times customers are not aware that a item will be on backorder -- they miss the fact that the Stock level says "0" or "-1" -- I wish there were an email that would be generated and sent if an item is on backorder that we could customize with store policies on backordered items.
        Joe Arbogast