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  • Looking for a programmer...

    I need a couple of small modifications made but it's above my skill set. Any recommendations on where I can find someone to help me with this?


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    Hi there, you should definitely reach out to Shaun thecartdesigner ... he is incredibly skilled and easy to work with. He is custom building my site from the ground up, and I am very happy with how things are evolving. Hope that helps. Andrew


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      I second the Shaun recommendation. He is good to work with and does a great job. His pricing is very reasonable. You can check out some of his add-ons available for 3dcart here
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        I've heard great things about Shaun, but I tried reaching out to him in the summer and after an initial reply to my inquiry, I never heard from him again. I sent 2 followups and no responses. He did say it was his busy time and I didn't want to push the work off into our busy season so I didn't pursue it any further and looked elsewhere. I'm not here to slam Shaun or his work, but you may need to keep after him.


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          jnnjr I apologize, Unfortunately that is the case at times when you are the lone wolf doing everything. Summer was even more hectic because I actually took a vacation and came back to enough work to book me solid til the end of the year. I dread the fact that I will eventually need to hire and train someone to help out with the some of the smaller works.

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            thecartdesigner I understand and am in a very similar situation - too big to keep going by myself, but can't afford to hire help. Congratulations on taking a vacation, though.