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Where to find the CSS within 3dCart to make changes?

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  • Where to find the CSS within 3dCart to make changes?

    We are redesigning our site and could use some help please. We use Firefox to view the code (Inspect Elements) on our site that we would like to change. We love this, becuase you chagne change things (color, font size, etc...) to see what looks good and what doesn't.

    The problem we are having is how to find this code within the 3dCart CSS within our site. We can see the code on FireFox (Inspect Elements) but can't find it in the CSS on 3dCart

    There must be a breakdown of breadcumbs we could follow to get the code and we are just not seeing it. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you as always! Damien

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    When inspecting elements it does show the css rules with the selector name. Copy the selector name and search your default_modified.css file and make the change to whatever if you find it.

    If you don't find it, then its probably in one of the system css files such as listing.css, layout.css, etc... I wouldn't modify those... You can add the rule with your changes into your default_modified.css and it will override the rule that's listed in the other files.

    Hope that helps a little....