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    I think I am looking for something very easy to do... but don't know where to put it.

    Add the retail price and id number to the catagory page that lists all the products in that specific catagory.


    Item: CF126
    Edco Foil 3/16" 1.25 Mil
    Retail Price: $5.50
    Our Price: $4.40
    More Information

    The text "More Information" would be a link to that specific item's product page not add to cart.

    I assume that this is done in the catagory_0... but how and where? I had an old cart with ProStores and I was able to re-write the code to do what I wanted... but this 3d cart is a little overwhelming.

    Thanks - Guy

    PS: Here is my site

    PPS: I really like the way it looks when you Search on my site for a product... in the search box type Foil

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    This topic discusses how to the change the ADD TO CART button text on the search page:

    Not sure how to put the item number in.

    Good luck
    Carla Ekman
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      To add the ID number so it shows up on the product detail page, just add the [id] placed wherever you want it in your listing_0.html template. I added the id number in just below the Category Header - so it shows up in the Title, as well as the Extended Description block. I simply inserted Product #[id] where I wanted it within the code.

      Maybe the Start Pricing block in your listing template...or if that doesn't pop up correctly you could try placing below the image 5 area of the listing. I've flip-flopped quite a few blocks around in mine :)

      For the category page - use the same [id] code - if I'm remembering correctly, in the category0.html template (NOT common folder - but the layout folder for whatever one you're using - it'll be highlighted) and I'm thinking in the start pricing block. You may need to add in a designated height if adding the extra line throws your horizontal alignment off (if you have more than one column set as your default).

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        hmmmmmmm... good advice thanks! I was determined to figure something out last night... Stayed up until 3am. What I did (and like so far) is to copy code from the search page and insert it in the category page.


        Tell me what you think... I also added the text "Click image for more info" and left the add to cart.

        As good as 3dcart is... I'm really surprised that they don't offer better choices of templates for the Product and Category pages. The stock set up isn't that flattering. I had mentioned this to them that most people who use their product are not programers... :(

        The next thing I'd like to do is have a 2 column Product page. Image on the left, product ID and prices on the left and a description below.



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          OK did more tweaking... but I don't know how to add "$" to my "Retail Price" and to make it not bold and black??? Any idea??? - Guy



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            Hi Guy...
            Just mentioned this thought in another post (streamlining options for programmers as well as non-programmers :)). Join the growing club for wanting a different layout on the product detail page - this too has been mentioned in a few other posts. Currently all the templates that 3D has, all have the SAME layout for the product detail page. I've been trying to re-write mine - but for now it's been put on the back shelf. From what I can gather, it's a little tricky with the scripts and codes. I've come close a couple times - but no cigar! So for now, I've settled for the image, then you have your extra set of four pictures underneath (and/or image gallery), Title with Price and Availability block, then description, options, and the multiple shipping block and add to cart I added within the overall Options block.

            For the Category change to your buy it now button - simply go to Settings/Design/Store Language and scroll down to the Category section and change the buyitnow field to read "View Details" or whatever you want (by the way you can change your text here for the PRODUCT # here too). I'd actually recommend spending some time here, as a lot of store language can be changed without getting into the templates. The Products section has a lot of things that can easily be tweeked to whatever you're looking to say. I changed the way things read for mine and never touched the code in the html templates for this - the field correspond to the code. Since my dollar signs have never been an issue, I'm really not sure why it's not showing up. I suppose you could add it in the store language in the correct field (e.g. the retailprice field could be changed to Retail Price: $ or you could add into the code) - but I think I'd check with Support first because I don't recall ever worrying about my $ sign, it was always there...

            For your Search result buyitnow button I had some help from another post - simply go to the store language again and add a new field for the product section titled "SearchbyText" add, and then type in "View Details" or whatever you want - then go into the Search_0.html template and change the field in the code to your new "SearchbyText".

            For the bold's been a few months since I spent time in the store Setting/Designs/Themes&Styles - where you change your fonts and things for different areas of your store. But I think that once you go into modify your template, scroll down to "price" - this controls the font color and whether you'd like the price to display normal or bold. I toned my red color down a notch in the beginning. If you don't want it bold, then simply change the font weight to regular.

            If you ever want to add a bold into your text titles or somewhere within an html template - it would something like this...<B>Example</B> and the Example would be in bold. I originally wanted to bold my main category titles on the left added that in the frame template along with some manual spaces. One word of caution - especially if you're working in IE like I do - many times the changes you first make in the html template (frame & category ones are the worst for me) - spaces that you insert will often disappear. For example I wanted a space on my search page between Price: and the $ sign. Unfortunately, each time I make changes in these templates I manually have to re-enter the code for a space &nbsp. As a result, any time I'm making changes directly to a template (as I do not have Dreamweaver or other software), I jot down what I did in a notebook by template (as when you start making a variety of changes, it's often hard to remember what you did three days ago!) - this way you know that in the Frame template you took out the >> or added a space, changed height at a glance.

            It's nice when you see your store taking shape. One comment for you, is to check all your font choices within the template. Now my eyes may be deceiving me as I don't have on my readers at the moment, but I think you may have a couple different fonts within your site. If so, I would probably try to make them all uniform. One thing that I found helpful (especially with my short-term memory and after a couple hours, it all seems to blur together) is jotting down your settings used in the Design Template section line by line (font/colors/weight, etc.) - this really helped a lot and I still refer back to it if I'm wanting to make some changes in the overall layout.

            Hope that helps some - been there myself, so know you're not alone :)!