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Removing White Space on both sides of the page.

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  • Removing White Space on both sides of the page.

    Hello everyone. I am still new to the software but looking for advice on my site set up. Primarily the left and right banner side that is just wasted space. Not sure if it's just the theme or if there is something that I can do to remove that and just allow the main chunk of the site to fill it.

    A little insight to this is that we are a B2B Wholesale. I would argue 95% of the people who see the site will already be putting in an order. Basically just an upgrade to the UI from out old site to make it easier for them to order. I don't plan on doing much with marketing so side banners and such really arn't needed at this point in time. Any ideas are appreicated!

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    You can hide the left and right bar under content>titles & content>any page you want to hide the bars



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      So under that it only has Hide Top Menu. So I imagine the theme will not allow for it then?


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        What pages do you need to hide the side bars on?


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          I am trying to do it as a more site wide thing. It just looks kind of odd like there should be an advertisement type of thing.


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            by using F12 in the browser, it appears the sitewide div container is set to 1180x108.. you should check with the Design team at 3dcart to see if this is due to an older design or a responsive design. Looking at a checker such as, it appears your site is designed to be responsive but agreed the white space on a desktop monitor could be better utilized. Check with Renisha at 3dcart design for alternatives. Good luck.


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              It doesn't appear your home page images are within a div container. Remove the width and height attributes and the image should go the entire width.

              Hide the left & right bar under content>titles & content>category page. This should look better on the category pages.