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Core Theme - Making the Buy link on some Category pages direct to Product Pages

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  • Core Theme - Making the Buy link on some Category pages direct to Product Pages


    I have a core theme. I have been trying to follow these instructions:

    I managed to impliment a Name Your Price feature for a digital download fundraiser product. However, from the category page, the Add to Cart link just places the product straight into the cart at zero dollars. I need for customers to be directed to the product page from this Category only. Here is the downloadable product for reference:

    And here is it's category page:

    I downloaded a copy of category_0.html and renamed it to category_10.html. I changed the code as directed. (I had to have done it at least 10 times to be sure I had it right.) I saved and uploaded the category_10.html to my theme folder. I then navigated to the category in Admin and set the Style to 11 and saved. Then I cleared the store cache, as well as my browser cache, and tried incognito mode, and the Buy buttons still go directly to the cart.

    I even went so far as to place some random text in my revision to confirm that I was seeing the updated Category page and not a cached version.

    I'm befuddled as to why I can't make this change. I would really appreciate some help.

    Thnkk you for any insights!!!
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    So I ended up doing a goofy ass workaround to acheive the desired effect. I haven't been able to get any help on this, nor figure it out on my own.

    Since products with options have a different default action on the Category page, I added a dummy option to all my products where I need the customer to be forced to go into the product desciption rather than just adding straight into the shopping cart.

    I would still love some help getting this done properly.


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      buttonmakers If you want that Globally, follow the same article and make those changes to product_items.html template as well.

      If you want the change only on your category page, copy the entire code of product_items.html template and on your category template, replace the variable [product_items] with code that you copied. The variable [product_items] should be on 2 places on the category page. Once you replace the variable on both spots with the code from product_items.html template, follow the article to replace the add to cart button code for those 2 sections that you just added in place of the variable. Clear cache and it should be good to go. If not, feel free to PM me.
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