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How can I change the look of the sub-category icons?

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  • How can I change the look of the sub-category icons?

    We have a lot of custom work done on this site and our customer would like to have the subcategory links with a blue background (I have figured that part out in the CSS) with larger white text, so that the links stand out. Right now they are not as visible to the customers eye.

    How am I able to do this in the CSS? I am able to change the color of the text, but that also changes all the secondary links, which I don't want.

    Is this an easy fix to change or would it best be done by the MyWebmaster department?


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    It's not entirely possible to guess without your URL. I'm not sure what you mean by "secondary links." It sound like you're not targeting it specifically enough. Depending on your template, it might be .subcategories>ul>li then add/change the color, font-size and font-weight. If you use the "inspect element" option in your web browser, you can test changes without doing anything permanent.


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      Thank you so much for the inspect element option! That totally helped me figure out what part I was missing. Sorry for being vague, wasn't sure how to communicate what i was looking for.