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customer message can't checkout "I keep getting the message: Shipping has changed"

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  • customer message can't checkout "I keep getting the message: Shipping has changed"

    Just received CRM that read: "I keep getting the message: Shipping has changed. I even went back and backed out of the credit card section and entered my info all over again twice hand... I keep getting the same warning. I know of nothing else to try. Thank You"

    Now I've read that this issue may occur since we had a custom checkout page done years ago? At this point we are clueless since our singlepage checkout was last update March 2017. Any suggestions on how we can get this fixed? Other orders are still coming in so want to get this fixed before it stops us completely.


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    A quick fix would be renaming your custom checkout pages html files to "old..." and letting 3dcart's common folder file do the work for now.


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      thanks - I'm trying to recall if actually custom since this site was built by 3dcart so not for sure if custom checkout? I'll post what we are using as it looks like pulling from "common"? Thanks!

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        Comes to coding I'm "green"
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          That doesn't tell you if you're using a common folder template or not but i looked at your site and it's definitely a modified checkout page template. This can make your site use the file from 3dcart's common folder.
          1. use an FTP client to connect
          2. navigate to the assets/teimplates/beehoney-html5 folder
          3. rename any file that looks like "checkout....html" by adding a ".old" after the name

          You have a lot of custom information on your checkout page which would go away if you did this. You could try to add that info in the checkout header using the 3dcart admin
          content>site content>titles and content>main pages>checkout #1

          If this doesn't work, just change the name back and remove your text from the header. You can also use checkout questions to add some info at the bottom of your checkout page above the submit button. I use that because I don't like to edit 3dcart checkout templates. This sort of thing tends to happen.

          All that said, if 3dcart designed your checkout page, I'd contact the design department directly. It's their responsibility to expeditiously fix any conflicts resulting from updates. On a checkout page, they should do it quickly
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            thanks - plans in work to get in touch with Shaun and have new site designed. Appreciate the help!


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              We were having the same error message too. I looked at your checkout page and it is similar to ours.
              I found it was to do with the radio button for the credit card. It just needs to be selected.

              The radio button is black and is looks like it is selected but apparently it is not. So if you just re click on that button you might find it will go through.
              What is has to do with the message " Shipping has Changed" I have no idea but that was the same message we were getting too.

              I only worked this out after doing a customers order over the phone and I tested it.

              I have asked 3dcart if it could be fixed but nothing come of it.


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                FabricPixie Donna I have exactly the same issue and I do have an updated checkout page!
                Fabric Garden


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                  Same here, issues on the checkout page for "Shipping has changed" notification and another one where if you choose "In Store Pickup" and use Paypal, it updates the customers shipping information and then paypal updates the billing information to the in store address!! No word from 3dCart for days.. support is horrible.


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                    gchaimovitz , the best way to get support is to create a screencapture/movie of the error, share it on your support ticket and then call support to make them escalate the ticket. If you don't get a fix, you call a few days later. Solving problems on 3dcart takes persistence. They've always been this way.


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                      FYI - had same problem. Using Braintree by Paypal. Was told Braintree was being sunsetted. Switched to paypal checkout, same issues. After nearly a week of intermittent issues and no resolution, I switched processors to Stripe and everything is fine now.
                      I called and opened tickets.
                      The only resolution provided was they stopped and restarted the server scripts, but I had already switched to Stripe by then so I don't know if it worked or not.
                      Hope this helps...