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Bizarre thing happening with themes this morning - anyone else have this happen

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  • Bizarre thing happening with themes this morning - anyone else have this happen

    Strange thing happened this morning - planning on revamping our website so looking at various themes to see what we might want to go with. So previewing themes and anyone familiar with this feature - you select "no" to install the theme. You can then click on it to preview what your website would look like with it installed.

    After I did this for a bit started working on orders and noticed our website was starting to display this theme on some pages not all which I did not want as it really messed up our website which Shaun at the CartDesigner designed a few years back.

    Simply previewing not changing theme - in fact I thought what the heck so I checked out installed theme and still the same one which it has been for years. I will post picture of theme installed.

    I called support and video was taken of what was happening. Within about 10 mins, of my call our website seems to be back to normal but continually testing it out.

    Has anyone ever experienced installing theme to preview and not making it your active theme yet it actually shows up on some of your pages?

    Fingers crossed as not sure what happened?
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    Clear the store cache & browser. Settings > General > Store Settings > General Tab > Clear Cache

    Your best bet is to open a new store for working on a new theme.


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      yes cache was cleared and 3dcart support was able to take a video as they saw it happening. Didn't realize that simply previewing without changing themes would cause this issue. Thanks for the suggestion for opening a new store to work on the new theme.
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