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Awesome tool to create exquisite product photos

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  • Awesome tool to create exquisite product photos

    Here is an app i ran into last week and it is sweet, download the trial. its very easy to use much easier than photoshop and tons of features to boot. Im a noob when it comes to photo editing and ive made some pretty good pics with this software.

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    anyone check out the trial? over 1000 views and no replies i was just curious. I really like the software.


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      I've been using Paint Shop Pro 4.

      I tried using that new software, but I got frustrated too fast, ha ha


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        I just purchased this product (BlingIt) to make image editing a little easier and quicker. I currently use Photoshop - which is a great program with a lot of great tools that I use. However, I'm not as proficient as I'd like to be. So after reading about BlingIt in Internet Retailer magazine (and faintly remembering that Hanzoswords recommended it in this post), I recently decided to give it a try.

        So far, I have to agree with Hanzoswords and say that it's easy to use and produces great results! At $29.95 - it's also very reasonable.


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          I've tried quite a few simpler image editing programs out before, just to see what sort of features they offer, and I'm generally impressed with this one.

          Fortunately (for me), I'm quite proficient in PhotoShop, so I'll just stick with that. :) But for those lacking the experience (or time to learn, really) in PS, these editors are a great option.

          For you Mac users our there (that'd be me), Pixelmator is an amazing product and a pretty good value. Lacks the super high end stuff in PS but is really easy to use and has the features 95% of people will require.