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What template for ship tracking?

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  • What template for ship tracking?

    I am trying to edit the tracking page. 3dcart doesn't use the upstracking and fedextracking templates. :( What template do they use to render the tracking results page?

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    Have you checked order-status.html? Not sure but it sounds like it could be the one.


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      Thanks, but that's not the one.
      I want to change what show when a customer checks the shipping status of their order.
      Apparently, they are hidden templates that we can't modify, at least if you use layout 2.
      It's a bummer. :(
      UPDATE: When I edit a template online, it moves a the working copy to the "Layout" folder and uses that. However, with the tracking templates, it uses the one that remains in the common folder. So, any changes made online don't take. You need to ftp a template to overide the common folder file to make it work. This is wierd since most templates work from the "layout" folder.
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