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    Just started looking at the Search function. Very different from what I'm used to seeing in nearly any cart. I don't mind the hyper links in the "Category Results" header. Altho' depending on the search, that can get quite populated. It's the actual Search Results that shows the products that I'm not too fond of. Not sure what to edit to get the results I'd prefer. Appreciate all the help.

    This is what mine looks like now.

    And here is where'd I like to go.

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    yeah I 2nd this 100%, I have the same prob, I filed a ticket but got
    nowhere so far. I will have to go back in a reword my ticket request
    to simply view this thread.

    maybe this is fixed in V3, so I will wait till my store loads up in v3 and


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      just copy the search pages from the common folder into your templates and edit them to the layout you want.


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        Hi BW,

        I thought you meant the search_pages.html. I edited the cr*p out of that page and never did get any changes to show. :p

        So I tried the search.html, and that one worked. I still can't get it to display 3 side by side. And if I put the image above the "availability" the tables get all whacked. I did, however, get the Search Results to display first on the page. Then the Cat and Page Results are below that. And with it set to 2 across, it's pretty cool for now.

        As always, many thanks!