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How to upload/ftp html revisions

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  • ScribeTime
    On your category template you'll want to find the code under:
    Then find the code in this section ending in:

    <!--END: SALEPRICE-->

    Replace what's after the above section with:
    <td class="itemlink" colspan="2" align="center" valign="middle"><a href="product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]&amp;catid=[catid]">[category_buyitlink]</a></td>

    This should work, but you may need to tweak the code to fit your category template. We made a few changes to ours. Not sure if you'll need to do this for each Item_Template section (0, 1, and 2)

    Then as Djangle said, you'll need to go into the Admin Panel and under Settings>>Design>>Store Language in the Admin Panel go to category and change the text for "Buyitlink" to whatever you want the link to say.

    Ours says, "More information..."

    Instead of adding the item to the cart, this will take the customer directly to the product page.

    Hope this helps.

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  • djangle
    I believe in the store language if you make the text for the buy button to blank it will remove the button.


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  • BestCPAPprice
    started a topic How to upload/ftp html revisions

    How to upload/ftp html revisions


    I have several manufacturers who force us to display minimum advertised pricing for their products. Currently, I am getting a lot of abandoned carts that I believe are being caused by customers adding the products to their carts via the <add to cart> buttons on the category page. The problem with this is that they bail when they see it for less elsewhere, because they need to enter the product listing page to see the details on how to get our lower preferred pricing.

    I would like to disable the ability to add the products to the cart from the category pages for these products, and it looks like a fairly simple change from viewing the html source. However, I need some instruction on how to download the source, modify it, and then upload it back to the 3dCart server.

    Has anyone done this, and can you help me with the steps involved. I have frequently modified html source on my internal pages, so I am not worried about this. I just have not had to upload the source back to the server.

    Thanks in advance for any help!