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Website looks different in IE vs FireFox

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  • Website looks different in IE vs FireFox

    I have forever used Internet Explorer as my web browser, and the vast majority of my customers also appear to use IE. However, recently when working on another project I was having difficulty with IE, and decided to try Firefox. Do to the issues I was having with this project, I thought I would look at my website on Firefox, and basically they do not look the same. My site looks how it should in IE, but in Firefox the menu isn't right, and the cart isn't right. Why is this? Is it something I can fix? If so how?

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    I had this same issue - my site looked great in IE, but not good in Firefox. It turns out that my problem had to do with my CSS file.

    It may sound weird, but after doing some research online, I learned that for some reason Firefox does not read the css file the same way as IE. I ended up having to move the more important items in my css file up higher. So basically, I ended up just cutting and pasting more relevant, critical items towards the top of the file.

    Everything straightened out and the site now looks the same as it does in IE.


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      same issue. worked hard to get site readable in IE, but it looks squished together in FF. there's white space between elements (header, cart, top & left navigation block) in IE, but not with FF. may have to change text back to normal?