I gave you raw wildflower gallon to try as other products (ie raw buckwheat honey) I had to completely remove multiple option sets as not available right now. I did this with multiple products so no way for you to test - since raw wildflower still has those options - you simply have to hide the options to replicate.

So easy to test on product 407 - hide option set for type of container - make sure you hide both options "wide" and "narrow" - you can even uncheck the "required" tab - then see what happens when you try to add that product to cart.

Now "liquid" and "crystallize" types should be shown as options so you can choose one of those. I have done everything I can think of - this has worked for years and fortunately 1 of our customers asked what was going on so I scrambled to remove option sets that were completely hidden from view so items could be bought.